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Sex Tutor offers accurate, clearly written, helpful sex advice. Our exclusive content range the gamut from sex positions to masturbation to fisting and anal sex. Take your time, read each of our articles carefully, and enjoy! Also, feel free to send in your tips and experiences, we might just post them here.

Make Her Squirm, then Make Her Squirt
Leslie's done it again! This time teaching you the road to female ejaculation:

While some women may experience ejaculation naturally in the course of intercourse or other sex play, most require some concentrated stimulation of the G-spot. Massaging the G-spot causes the urethral sponge to become engorged with fluid, which is then expelled during orgasm.

A Fistful of Pussy
Leslie the Lesbian's insightful guide to getting it all inside:

As you add more fingers to your partnerís cunt, squeeze them together so your index and pinkie fingers are under your middle and ring fingers. As you push further inside, tuck your thumb under your fingers. (Imagine youíre making shadow puppets and trying to do a duck.) 

Eating Pussy Like a Pro
Leslie the Lesbian's expert advice on how to

What woman doesnít love to be expertly eaten out? Oral sex done right can take your partner to new heights of pleasure, but done wrong it can be an ordeal for both of you. Munching rug should be no great mystery. These tips will introduce you to some of the basics of cunnilingus and help you go down like a pro.

Masturbation Tips for Men
Talk about fruity goodness:

Buy yourself a rock melon or honeydew melon. Cut a round hole in one end a bit smaller than your dick. Scoop out a little of the inside but not too much. Heat the melon in a microwave (be careful!) and squirt in some baby oil. If you've done it right you'll get a heap of suction when you fuck it. This method comes as close to the feeling of a real pussy or anus as you're ever likely to get! You'll start to get a hard-on whenever you walk past a fruit shop!If you are rich, however you can always go to the next level and test out new male sex toys that are available for purchase. They are very expensive, but maybe it is worth it?

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