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This time to help parents teach sexuality to their children: Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents.

Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents may be purchased in book form at your local or online bookstore or the full book may be downloaded for free (click on button below). The book is also available essentially at cost ($2 per book), to organizations (dioceses, high schools, parishes, or others). For information about this extraordinary program please see our Publisher's Pledge below.

Catholicism has clearly been in a crisis of sexuality education for decades. Very few Catholic teenagers and young adults know and love the unsurpassable teaching of Mother Church on sexuality. Even in homes where Catholic values are strongly emphasized, the children often fall into serious sexual sin as adolescents and young adults. To address this crisis, Dr. Richard Wetzel, who gave us the "incalculably valuable book," Sexual Wisdom, now offers the course he gives to his own 16 to 17 year-old Catholic teens: Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents.

Every Catholic teenager should take this course (or its equivalent), even if the student has had some sort of sexuality education in school.

Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents:

  • Authentically Catholic (highlights Theology of the Body by John Paul II)
  • Written by an internationally recognized sexuality expert who has been featured on EWTN, Catholic Family Radio, St. Joseph's Radio, Fox Television and many others.
  • The first course of its kind: truly comprehensive, for older teens and young adults
  • Best if taught by a parent, but may be self-taught
  • Includes four appendices with material for younger students

Praise for Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents:

"Dr. Wetzel’s medical expertise emerges very clearly from the pages of Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents and the many references to Sacred Scripture and to the teaching of the Church make it a valid instrument for those among parents, priests and teachers who are charged with forming our Catholic youth. In an age such as ours which the Holy Father has identified an “educational emergency”, this book will be of great assistance."
- Archbishop Rino Fisichella
President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Vatican City

"Dr. Wetzel has provided parents with an excellent aid to teach their adolescent children about God's gift of sexuality to the human person. He uses the Bible, Catechism, Church documents, and Papal writings to show how the Catholic Church is very much the authoritative teacher in human affairs."
- Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz
Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska

"May God bless you, your family and your work!"
- Archbishop Gionfranco Ravisi
President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, Vatican City

"What a jewel to offer the People of God!
What a jewel to offer Parents!
What a jewel to offer Adolescents!
Dr. Wetzel, you are a jewel!"
- Rev. Leo Celano
Featured Guest on EWTN Television and Radio

Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents is the best handbook for Catholic parents, Catholic teachers, Catholic priests, Catholic bishops, and mature adolescents that I have ever read. Everything that any parent needs to know, in order to lovingly impart Catholic teaching on questions dealing with human sexuality, is contained in this volume. The glossary, the index, and the test questions, not to mention the certification and appendices all add to the useful nature of this volume and are the frosting on the scrumptious cake! Anyone who is truly committed to raising a child in the way of the Lord, even among those who are not Catholic, should be praising God for Dr. Wetzel’s effort. This volume is incredibly well-written and inspired. Of that there is no doubt.”
Judie Brown
Founder and president of the American Life League

“Dr. Richard Wetzel’s Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents is . . . a must-read for all devout Catholic and pro-life parents and teens.”
- Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director of Priests for Life

"I wish I could give Dr. Wetzel's
Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents to every parent and teenager. It is-hands down-the most clear, cogent, common-sense, comprehensive, and easy-to-read guide to sexual morality that I have ever seen, the perfect teen-friendly companion to the author's remarkably insightful guidebook for adults, Sexual Wisdom."
- Rev. Robert Hodges
High-school chaplain and teacher for over 28 years

"This is a great tool for parents to be the real primary educators of their children in matters of love and life."
- One More Soul

Despite the clear need, this is the
first course of its kind ever written. We read in the "Introduction to Parents":

As a Catholic chastity educator for the last 20 years, I felt that none of the available materials were the best possible option for my own children; so I wrote this course for them. I am now presenting this course to the public, for what benefit it may be to others. It is a true gift to me each time I teach it to one of my children.

Publisher's Pledge:

We are determined to confront the merciless and vulgar sexual revolution that our tragically ignorant Catholic youth are engulfed in. In this spirit, the non-profit corporation Sex Education for Advanced Beginners Inc., the publishers of this book, will provide as many boxes of the book needed, essentially at cost (the schools, parishes or dioceses are responsible for printing and shipping costs), to any Catholic high school or diocese that will give a copy to the parents of every student in the 11th and 12th grade to take home and discuss with his or her parents. We recommend that schools send home a letter with the book that explains to parents the options of going through the course with the student or just having the student read it on his or her own. (Download a sample letter to parents here). This offer is to all high schools, to all parishes and to any other organization in the U.S. who will distribute the books to the parents of 16-17 year olds or to adults. This may be done after Sunday Masses at a table set up outside the Church, at confirmation classes, after chastity presentations, etc. Please join parishes and schools across the country in this exciting new program!

Also, we are excited to offer a similar program to all Catholic dioceses outside the U.S. For them, we will email the computer files and permissions, at no charge, so that the books may be printed locally. See our FAQ section for details.

Please note the following resources:

Order form for dioceses, high schools, parishes and any other organizations wishing to purchase Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents by the box for $2 each.

FAQ section

Letter of explanation of our Publisher's Pledge to Church leaders (bishops or other diocesan officials, high school superintendents, high school principals, pastors or other parish administrators)

Sample bulletin announcement for parishes

Sample announcement for Mass or other gatherings

Sample letter to parents from high schools

Email which demonstrates the potential graces that this course may bring to teenagers

Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents is a radical departure from chastity, or "family life," courses, books, and presentations that have been available for decades. Those have been directed to include younger (13-14 year-old) students or group settings and so are necessarily restricted in their scope. They are like taking students to the movies and then making them leave after the previews. Much of the information that would benefit students is inappropriate for younger teens and group settings, and so students attending chastity programs do not get to see the main feature.

While some of these programs offer a valuable introduction to the subject of sexual purity to younger teens, this approach generally has been a tragic failure. We are not opposed to other chastity programs as long as they consistently address the sensitivities of the less worldly students and more cautious parents. Clearly, some students are inspired by these programs. They can admirably prime students for the feature presentation, but cannot deliver it. We suggest distributing Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents along with chastity programs so that students are not only entertained by an inspiring preview, but receive the full message in a form that they can take home and study.

Sending home Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents to parents for them to evaluate with their student is like sending home a copy of a classic feature film so that the parents can watch it with the student, the student can read it alone, or anyone can refer back to it at any time. Showing the feature film to students effectively equips them to face the serious challenges to their purity that inundate them in contemporary society. To give the whole story to young people who are honestly seeking answers can be truly transforming, and the fact that so many Catholic youth are not getting it is a great injustice.

Please do not contact us with questions about the book or Publisher's Pledge until you have read the material on this site including the FAQ section and the "Introduction to Parents" from the book, which is a free download here. If you still have questions contact us at swbookorder@hotmail,com.

Future plans include other versions of the adolescent course: Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents in Spanish, Sexual Wisdom, the Bible and Adolescents: A Home-Based Course for Late-Adolescent, Bible-Believing Students (for non-Catholic Christians) and Sexual Wisdom for Adolescents: A Home-Based Course for Late-Adolescent Students (secular version).

Please consider helping to spread the word about this unique resource and Publisher's Pledge by writing a review or announcement of it or by alerting those on your email list.

It's Time to Play Hardball
with the Sexual Revolution

Note: Dr. Wetzel has never accepted any money for any of his work or related projects in chastity education. In this spirit he offers this program as a free download. Just click on the button below.

To download the entire book,
Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents
click on the button below.

In case your computer has difficulty downloading the file with a left click . . . Right mouse click on the button and select "save target as" to save the PDF file to your hard drive. The file for the curriculum is large and so takes time to download. Please be patient!

If you are unable to download the program with either method, email us at
swbookorder@hotmail,com and we will email it to you. You must write "Unable to download SW for CA" in the subject line of your email. Before you email us be sure that your inbox is capable of receiving a large file.

Donations toward Dr. Wetzel's work are always gratefully accepted. Checks should be made out to "SEFAB" and sent to the address below:

PO Box 10762
Newport Beach, California 92658

We also encourage those with the financial resources, and only after they have contributed to their local church, to make regular contributions to our efforts, from $25 to $250 per month. Anyone interested in doing so please contact us at swbookorder@hotmail,com

Sex Education for Advanced Beginners, Inc., PO Box 10762, Newport Beach, California 92658, USA

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