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The Dream Team

The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona marked the first time that the United States was allowed to field professional basketball players. Prior to that, the U.S. Olympic team was restricted to using college players only. The 1992 team was expected to win every game and to win the gold medal and that is exactly what happened. They called them the "Dream Team."

We Catholics, too, have the
Dream Team: we have Sacred Scripture; we have Sacred Tradition; we have the Magisterium; we have the guidance of the Holy Spirit; we have the Truth; we have the irresistible Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet, we are losing, badly losing, the war over sexual morality on every front. We are losing on the issues of premarital sex, contraception, pornography, homosexuality, abortion, "safer sex," and sex education. A question all Catholics should be asking is "Why?" If we have the Dream Team, if we hold all the aces, why are we losing every battle?

There are many possible answers. Some might say that it is because Planned Parenthood and other liberal groups have so much money, are so clever, or are so united. But from long experience I can assure you that they are not so clever and they are certainly not so united. As for money, I would be willing to bet that conservatives spend over a billion dollars on golf alone every year. Conservatives are not short on financial resources. Rather, the main reason we are losing is not because they are so strong but because we are so weak. Our Lord asked us for church unity ("A house divided will fall.") and we have given Him chaos. Unity is the first of the four marks of the Catholic Church (from the Nicene Creed: "One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic") given to us by the early Church fathers, but typically those who should be working together to fight these battles spend as much time fighting each other as the opponents.

The greatest of the seven deadly sins is pride, which makes it impossible to work with others. "My way or the highway," rather than the Golden Rule or the Beatitudes, seems to be the axiom too many conservatives hold most dearly. If you don't agree with me in every detail then you go your way and I will go mine. And along with disunity and pride we suffer terribly from lukewarmness. If we really had faith, if we really cared about helping our neighbor, we would get past our pride.

Young people, especially, need to consider this question carefully. Conservatives have been badly losing the battles over sexual morality for over 40 years and we need to seriously consider why, and take a new approach-an approach that binds our tremendous forces and successfully brings true love to the forefront of our society. The liberal social forces in this culture are very weak because they rely on distortions and oftentimes conflicting agendas. We have the
Dream Team. It is time to use

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