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Five Fellatio Tips

Watch the teeth!

The biggest mistake that novice fellatrixes make is scraping the penis with their teeth. Though some men may like this mix of pain and pleasure, most will not. Fact is, it's difficult to relax and enjoy the sensations if you're always worrying about your dick being bitten off during a

Tucking your teeth under your lips is one way to make sure you avoid this gotcha. Otherwise, just make sure to open wide and be careful. Your teeth and his skin just weren't meant to be together.

Act like you like it

It may seem simple, but if you act like you enjoy giving head, it will increase his pleasure greatly. Nothing's worse that getting a blow job from a reluctant or unwilling partner. Of course, the best way to do this is to swallow at the end, but even if you can't bring yourself to do that, a little enthusiasm will go a long way.

Some ways to show you like it include: initiating oral sex, without him asking for it or expecting reciprocation; making noises during the act (try humming....there's a reason they call it a "hummer"); and playing with yourself as things get hot. 

Be firm

A penis isn't a popsicle. Licking at first (especially behind the head) can be tantalizing and exciting, but when it's time to get down to business, take him firmly in your mouth and bob your head up and down.

Use your hands

Your hands are free, so use them! Complement the sucking up top with a hand job lower down the shaft, lubed up with your saliva of course. Gently play with his balls. And, if you're an adventuresome couple, even try putting a finger or two up his ass. However, be careful not to put them anywhere near the penis after that. A pair of latex gloves and water-based lube will help with hygiene.You might also incorporate some technology into the process like in the examples over here

Your hands are also a good way to speed up his coming if you're not looking for a marathon session. A hand job/blow job combo should  result in a quick, intense orgasm. 

Making it safe

There is risk in fellatio: you can easily pass diseases like herpes and even AIDS can be transmitted, especially if he ejaculates in your mouth. If you choose to play it safe with a condom, be sure to get one that is lubricant-free. Then, place a generous amount of water-based lube inside the condom. This will increase his pleasure greatly.

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