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Be a Better Kisser: Top Ten Tips

A good kiss can be a huge turn-on and a promise of greater things to come in the bedroom. A bad kiss on the other hand, can kill your chances in the sack before you get a foot in the front door. We'll tell you how to become an irresistible kisser with these simple pointers.

  1. Start slow, then turn up the heat.
  2. It may be tempting on the first kiss to go full throttle and try to express all your pent-up passion in a melting lip-lock, but overly eager kissing from the get-go can scare your partner off. Really, it is far sexier to begin slowly and gently and build to a fiery crescendo. Think of it like starting a fire; first you need a spark and some kindling. Depending on your moods, it may take only a few seconds of smooching for the flames to ignite.
  3. First lips, then tongue.
  4. Keep your lips relaxed and slightly parted as they contact your partner's. Don't immediately dart your tongue into her mouth. First let your tongue gently brush against her lips and wait for her to yield for more. If she responds by touching your tongue with hers, consider that an invitation to enter, Keep your tongue flexible and responsive; don't stiffen it to a point, but don't let it go completely flaccid either.
  5. Leave breathing room.
  6. Make sure you don't block your partner's airways. Avoid getting in a position where your noses are shmushed, and come up occasionally for air. Also, don't forget to breathe while you're kissing; you can inhale and exhale discreetly through your nose even while joined at the lips.
  7. Give and take.
  8. Kissing is like dancing with a partner; you have to be in the moment, sensitive and attentive to your partner's rhythm, moves, and mood. The best kissing has a back and forth, call-and-response quality. Try something and see if she responds positively, either vocally or with her mouth. If she digs it, continue and elaborate, or follow her lead for a while.
  9. Use just enough saliva.
  10. "Swapping spit" is just an expression. Your lover doesn't really want a mouthful of your loogies. Moisten your tongue and lips with just enough saliva to keep things slippery and lubricated, so your lips slide easily against your partner's. No one enjoys kisses that are either dry and chafing or sloppy and slobbery.
  11. Nibble, gently.
  12. Gently using your teeth to nibble or tug on a partner's lip can be extremely sexy, but the key is to do it gently. The edges of your teeth can be sharp on the sensitive tissues of the lips and mouth. Take your partner's lower lip between your lips and gently suck it in between your open teeth. Then use your teeth to apply the slightest possible pressure on her lip. Don't nip! You don't want to draw blood.
  13. Use your hands.
  14. Use your hands to touch your partner in ways that complement the kiss. Caress her face, her ears, the back of her neck, and her hair. This is very romantic. Depending on your position, you may choose to do more, but don't use the kiss as a distraction so you can make a grab for her breasts or ass. Proceed slowly as you explore other areas.
  15. Less can be more.
  16. Some of the sexiest moments in kissing come your your lips are barely touching your partner's. Try it. Pull back for a second and take a moment to gaze in her eyes as you lightly brush your lips against hers. If done correctly, this can cause the world to stop for a pulse-pounding moment and she will swoon.
  17. Stay focused.
  18. Many guys think of kissing as the prelude to heavier making out or sex. It certainly can be, but while you're kissing, you have to stay focused on the moment. She will know if your mind is wandering or you're trying to figure out to how to get her bra undone. Think of the kiss as an end in itself, not an avenue to her underwear.
  19. Use your mouth to seduce.
  20. Use your lips and your tongue to leave your lover wanting more. Your kissing should say, "This is just a taste of what I've got for you." Many women judge a guy's potential as a lover by the way he kisses: a sensitive, attentive, passionate kisser equals dynamite in the sack, while a sloppy, pushy kisser equals a dud. If you can demonstrate your prowess in mouth-to-mouth contact alone, she'll be leading you to the bedroom in no time.

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