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Female Masturbation Tips

Female masturbation is more common, and more fun, than many people believe. Women masturbate, they masturbate often, and they masturbate well. Here are some excellent tips for bopping:

Playstation pleasure

For this, you need a Playstation, a vibrating controller and a Metal Gear Solid CD. Use the vibration test in the option menu of the game. Insert the edge of the controller to your pussy or clit, test the vibration and enjoy!

Pool Party

If you have a pool or hot tub, get in front of one of the jets or blowers and spread your legs as far as you can. Get kinda far from it and let it hit your clit and slowly begin to go closer to the jet. The closer you get the more intense the stimulation. You cum pretty quickly so I normally do it a few times. It feels so great. I usually stay in front of mine when the whole time I am in my pool 

Shower Head

When you take a bath , sit down and let the water fill until your tummy. Then unscrew the shower head, so that you have a very strong stream of water directed toward your clit. Open your legs and enjoy. Sometimes I cum this way for 2 minutes.


Lie in an empty bathtub. Spread your legs wide and turn on the faucet to a lukewarm, yet on the colder side temperature. Scoot down to a position where the constant flow of the water is on your clit. Position your arms so your elbows are holding you up, and I like to keep my hands wedged under my butt (this adds more pressure I think). As you start getting hotter and hotter, change the temperature to more of a hot one, and enjoy! Gives great orgasms almost every time! I don't recommend filling the bathtub up first, this gives too much water and the hot water runs out quickly leaving you with freezing cold left which numbs your clit.

The pussy pet

Using enough lube to create a smooth hand-to-pussy connection. Gently pat your clit with your hand flat. Occasionally, hold your hand down, creating pressure and then go back to patting. Eventually, just press and release, not pulling the hand all the way off.

The shovel

Using a dildo or other object, pretend your toy is a shovel and you are softly digging. With a forward, gliding motion, slide the toy down to your clit, across it and then upward, removing it from your body completely. Repeat over and over and over until you drive yourself craz

The sandwich

Hold your clit from its base between two fingers with one hand while stroking it with your other hand (either one finger or more rubbing). The pressure of the stroke is up to you, of course, but continue to maintain the sandwich effect while you run.

Oral hygiene

Take an electric toothbrush (preferably one with varying speeds) and turn it on, moving it around your inner thigh until you get nice and wet. Without a little lubrication, this can be kind of uncomfortable. Then bring it right on top of your clit, first to one side, then the other. Usually one side of your clitty is more sensitive than the other. If you REALLY want to drive yourself wild, leave the toothbrush on that side for most of the time. It really feels divine.

Tap, tap, tap

I like to tap my clit rapidly. Faster and faster and faster. It gets me hot, wet, and when I reach the edge, I rub it hard. Always works. Always.

Flex, relax, flex, relax

Take your index and middle finger and place them on your clit. Harden the muscles in your legs as much as you can and imagine your hips are being pushed back. Now take the two fingers on your clit and move them back and forth, while still pressing on your clit. Then once you get the hang of it tighten and untighten your legs to give added effect, but not too much. This usually sends me into an orgasm. It's hard to keep this up after the orgasm, but you can place your fingers in a spot slightly above or below your clit to do this again many times.

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