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Continuous Male Orgasm
by Benders

Several years ago I learned that by getting extremely close to the threshold of ejaculatory inevitability, then relaxing my sex organ muscles and halting all stimulation, then getting "close" again repeatedly, I would achieve a continuous plateau stage without ejaculating. Though the resultant intensity of pleasure is about one half that felt in a full ejaculatory orgasm, it is potentially unending. Furthermore, the associated sexual organs exercise, and the learned ability to better control those organs mentally, has greatly increased the scope and depth my sexual pleasure. I have learned to enhance and maintain indefinitely the physical events and associated pleasure of an absolutely imminent ejaculatory orgasm.  Feelings of pleasure are augmented by intense loin vasocongestion, and sexual organ fluid pressure. The following discussion attempts to teach men how to achieve this continuous orgasm, and to explain the physiological basis of this phenomenon.

My discovery of the continuous orgasm was accidental, but recounting the event may help others separate their emissions orgasm and ejaculatory experiences.  The first time I experienced the potential of this technique I was masturbating while stoned on pot.  Stimulation to my penis felt somewhat dulled. I got very close to cumming but sensed that my orgasm was going to be weak; so I stopped all stimulation, knowing that I could build up to a better orgasm.  When I was able to resume penile stimulation I noticed the pleasure of touching my penis was I came close to cumming again and again...and it felt better and better. Possibly five "close calls" later, my prostate had swollen and my seminal vesicles hardened and discharged but no semen flowed into my urethra.  Pot seems to broaden the threshold between my orgasm emissions phase and the ejaculatory reflex response.  Orgasm pleasure emanated from my testes, which were swollen and drawn under the tissue aside my penis.  Possibly thirty minutes into this routine my loin muscles began to ache, so I proceeded to the most intensely pleasurable orgasm and high quantity ejaculation I had ever had.  Long afterward my sexual organs continued to radiate an enjoyable ache.  I had given these muscles a hearty exercising!  I eagerly anticipated my next masturbation session, with delay dictated by my need to reload with semen.

At this point I would like to discuss the physiology of the male ejaculatory orgasm.  Reference books describe the event in stages involving sexual organ vasocongestion, rising to the plateau stage, then the orgasm which consists of internal sexual organ emissions and the ejaculation reflex response.  Events beyond the plateau phase can be broken into many additional stages.  My first orgasm pleasure sensations come from my testes, which draw up into my body.  When men first sense the arrival of an orgasm, those feelings emanate from the epididymis and the spermatic cords, which contract and spasm to move sperm up the ductus (vas) deferns into the ampullary gland or ampulla.  The ampulla filling with sperm accentuates sexual stimulation pleasure.  Continued penile stimulation soon triggers a hardening of the seminal vesicles, which also discharge fluid.  The sperm and seminal fluid in the ampulla then flows to the ejaculatory ducts.  Sufficient pressure quickly builds at the ejaculatory ducts to trigger a hardening of the prostate, which discharges directly into the urethra.  Ejaculation is inevitable once the prostate hardens.  Finally, the ejaculatory ducts valves open and fluids pressure triggers the ejaculation reflex.  Semen discharged from the penis comes in a distinct sequence of partially mixed emissions:  1. prostatic fluid (10%);  2. sperm (2%) and ampullary gland fluid (6%);  3. seminal fluid (70%) and again;  4. prostatic fluid (12%).

Note that there are valves at the ejaculatory ducts and that fluid pressure triggers the ejaculation reflex.  I evidently orgasm and enjoy emissions of sperm, ampullary gland fluid, and seminal vesicle fluid to the ejaculatory ducts valves without opening those valves or triggering ejaculation. I have trained myself to lock the ejaculatory duct valves closed during these emissions.  The key is WHEN YOU GET VERY CLOSE TO EJACULATORY INEVITABILITY COMPLETELY RELAX ALL SEXUAL ORGAN MUSCLES, AND CEASE STIMULATION TO THE PENIS.  The best way to portray this relaxation is to visualize the feeling you create when trying to initiate urination.  Urinary tract muscle relaxation locks the ejaculatory ducts valves closed, even as the seminal vesicles proceed to harden and discharge.  Ampullary gland fluid, sperm and seminal fluid pressure builds behind the duct valves.  Stopping stimulation to the penis and relaxation halts the emissions pressure driven progression to the hardening of the prostate and the ejaculatory reflex.  Sexual organ muscle contractions, and seminal fluid movement and pressure produce the feelings of an orgasm, and give rise to greatly heightened penis stimulation pleasure.  Getting "close" to the point of seminal vesicle hardening and emissions orgasm at least ten times, involving roughly fifteen minutes of pre-ejaculatory pleasure results in the state of continuous orgasm.  I barely come down from an emissions orgasm before stimulating myself to another orgasm, again and again so frequently that the emissions and orgasm pleasure becomes continuous.

With experience and exercise, I have raised the pressure (and pleasure) level required to trigger the ejaculation reflex response.  I sense exactly how much more pressure can build before crossing the threshold to ejaculatory inevitability.  My emissions orgasms are stronger and ultimately continuous without triggering ejaculation.  My seminal vesicles harden right after I have nearly cum; hence they are almost constantly hard and discharging.  My prostate swells without hardening, currently to about just half as large as during a full ejaculatory orgasm.  Finally, my testes, epididymis and especially the spermatic cords radiate a distinct pleasure as they push sperm toward the ampells.  Each of there emissions increase the amount of fluid held in the ampulla and at the ejaculatory ducts, with an associated increase in pleasure and passion of sexual readiness.

The presence of sperm, ampullary gland, and seminal fluid in my ejaculatory ducts is evidenced by sensations I can produce after nearly cumming.  Shortly after ceasing stimulation I can contract my  bulbospongiosus muscle and thereby press on my prostate and feel the fluids being pushed back up into the ampulla and seminal vesicles.  This feeling of fluid movement and fullness is very pleasurable.  I can stop masturbating, and hours (days) later still feel the semen in my loins eager for release.  My testes also feel full and are slightly sensitive to jostling.

1. Notice my descriptions of the physical changes to internal sexual organs that occur during an orgasm and ejaculation.  By placing a middle finger into your rectum the hardening of the seminal vesicles, ampullary gland, and prostate can be palpitated digitally.  Softly massaging the prostate and ampulla when they are gorged from orgasmic filling is pleasurable.  The ampullary gland is felt during an ejaculatory orgasm as a hard triangular organ, point facing downward, that lies just above the prostate.   Additional observations:   1. It seems that enhanced and prolonged orgasms elicit increased semen production.  I easily cum twice daily, and after just 48 hours of abstinence fluids build up to a sense of fullness that demands release.  That sense of fullness comes from my testes and seminal vesicles.

2. I can generate a strong feeling of sexual excitement mentally at will.  I am able to elicit a feeling of sexual rush at will by mentally inducing contractions in my seminal vesicles, and in my epididymis and spermatic cord.  I drive sperm movement up my ductus (vas) deferens.  The sperm rising to my ampullary gland raises my level of sexual excitement.  My scrotum and spermatic cords move my testes around when I generate these pleasure sensations.

3. I can maintain emissions orgasms without stimulation to my penis.  Once a high degree of fluid pressure has accumulated behind the ejaculatory ducts valves, I can mentally induce contractions in my epididymis and spermatic cords thereby generate sexual stimulation.  This stimulation maintains my continuous orgasm, and can trigger the ejaculatory reflex.

4. My testes are a source of sexual stimulation.  I wrap a one half inch foam bandcord around my testes, just barely tight enough to prevent their retraction up into my body.  When my scrotum muscles contract, they put a pleasurable pressure on the testes.  Also, the orgasmic feelings emanating from my spermatic cords is greatly enhanced when my testes are held down in the scrotum, and I can produce sexual pleasure similar to light penile stimulation by gently rocking my testes slightly from side to side.

5. Applying pressure and rubbing the sides around and above the base of my penile shaft generates sexual pleasure, and tightening my stomach muscles as in a partial situp enhances this pleasure.  I believe this stimulation mimics groin press of our instinctive thrust into our partner at climax. 6. I can maintain the continuous emissions orgasm by gently rubbing my prostate and seminal vesicles after they have started to harden.

7. The ability to enjoy orgasms while delaying ejaculation may enhance a sexual relationship.  I am in no hurry, and my level of readiness and periodic dry penile throbs excites my partner.


Learn to maintain indefinitely the physiological events and associated
pleasure of the emissions phase of an absolutely imminent ejaculatory orgasm!
 Practice at least half an hour, once a day, for probably two months and you
will likely gain the ability to enjoy an endless orgasm!  Put on your
favorite porn and follow this step-by-step practice guide:

"Getting there is half the fun. Enjoy the ride."


When you begin to feel an orgasm approach cease all penile stimulation.  Let
your level of excitement drop slightly, and then approach another orgasm.  
Repeat this stop-and-go approach to an orgasm at least ten times.  Notice
that stimulation to your penis feels better and better.  On the tenth orgasm
approach bear down hard with your bulbospongiosus (piss stopper) muscle but
slow down your stroking as you reach the point of no return.  This reduced
stimulation to the penis permits the pleasure of sexual organ emissions drive
you to the full ejaculatory orgasm.  Notice the increased volume and
intensity of your orgasm.


1. Learn to resist the temptation of the orgasm.  Just as your penis feels
really great to stroke...stop.  You will discover that the avoidance of
immediate pleasure will bring greater pleasure. 
2. Strengthen your sexual organ muscles.
3. Increase your mental control over orgasms.
4. Learn to measure the approach of your orgasm.
5. Feel the emissions phase as separate from the ejaculatory phase of an


Practice the Stop-and-Go technique.  When you are ready to orgasm lube up
your middle finger and stick it up your butt!  Feel around your prostate 
(walnut sized organ one to two inches past your anus) then put your finger
all the way in, past the prostate.  With your finger probing above the
prostate proceed to an ejaculatory orgasm.


1. Learn how good it feels to massage your prostate and ampullary gland.
2. Feel how your internal sex organs harden during an ejaculatory orgasm. 
The ampullary gland is felt when hard as triangular just above the prostate. 
The seminal vesicles are the firm cords running down into the ampullary gland.


Practice Stop-and-Go approaches to an orgasm, but try to get a little closer
to the point of no return.  When you get real close, stop stroking your penis
and completely relax all sex muscles.  Concentrate especially on relaxing
your bulbospongiosus (piss stopper) muscle, by creating the feeling you
produce when trying to start to piss.  Let your level of excitement drop, but
less so, before resuming the approach to another orgasm.  Relax completely
each time you are near an orgasm and stop sexual stimulation.  Notice that
relaxation helps to extinguish the feelings associated with an emissions


1. Learn to resist the lure of an ejaculatory orgasm that is now closer.  You
must relax just when your piss stopper muscle would naturally bear down, and
stop stroking just when it feels really good.
2. Learn to more quickly resume penile stimulation after stopping.
3. Learn to get closer and closer to ejaculatory inevitability without
passing that reflex threshold.


Build up your level of sexual excitement first with at least five stop-and-go
sessions, then try to get REAL CLOSE to an orgasm and RELAX all sex organ
muscles.  Get so close that you would have triggered an ejaculatory orgasm if
you had not become fully relaxed.  Your mission is continue to feel the
orgasm approach for a few seconds even though you are not stimulating your
penis.  The lure to stroke yourself is very strong at this point but resist! 
With practice you will briefly enter the sex organs' emissions phase without
ejaculating.  Relaxing will suppress your ejaculatory reflex response and
help keep semen retained behind the ejaculatory ducts valves.  Semen pressure
will build in the ampullary gland.  A gentle finger massage of the prostate
and ampullary gland once they are gorged from emissions is pleasurable.


1. Learn to resist the lure of an orgasm you have actually begun.  The temptation to continue stroking yourself is very strong at this point.
2. Practice this exercise until you enter the emissions phase fully relaxed.  Your seminal vesicles will harden and discharge into your ampullary gland, but no fluid should leak into your urethra.
3. Observe how much better penile stimulation feels when your loins are gorged with sperm, ampullary gland, and seminal fluids.
4. Learn to vary penile stimulation by site, and by intensity.
5. Expand your mental control over what was previously an uncontrollable cascade of sexual organ events.  You are increasing the number of brain cells you devote to sex.


Build up sexual tension with several close stop-and-go approaches, then proceed to the threshold of the ejaculatory reflex.  Be careful to cease stimulation and relax fully just as you begin to enter the emissions phase of your orgasm.  Sometimes at this point your seminal vesicles will harden. You will notice a distinct feeling inside your rectum when your seminal vesicles harden.  Let your excitement wane, then come close to the point of no return again.  Practice reaching the ejaculatory reflex threshold so that you harden your seminal vesicles at least five times. Semen will accumulate each time the seminal vesicles harden.  Now contract your bulbospongiosus (piss stopper) muscle and feel semen push back up into the ampullary gland...FEELS GOOD!  Notice the increased quantity of semen ejaculated when you finally cum.


  1. Build up semen pressure behind your ejaculatory ducts valves.
  2. Manipulate the fluid in your internal sexual organs.
  3. Learn to harden your seminal vesicle without causing ejaculatory contractions or leaking semen.


Gorge your internal sex organs with semen, reaching seminal vesicle hardening at least five times then stop...take out the trash or something.  Be careful to protect your tender balls.  Let your level of excitement drop completely, then resume the seminal vesicle hardening.  Be very careful to build up your excitement slowly with a few stop-and-go's before attempting a seminal vesicle hardening.  Proceeding too fast can cause uncomfortable leakage of semen.


  1. Learn how much excitement is required before attempting a seminal vesicle hardening.
  2. Stop your masturbation session for at least two hours.  You will be totally horny.  Resist the lure! 
  3. Try to spend one night with your sex organs gorged.  You will likely experience vivid sexual dreams.
  4. Gain complete control of when you have an ejaculatory orgasm.


Build up to five seminal vesicle hardenings, relax and fill your ejaculatory ducts, then contract your piss stopper muscle and push the semen up into your ampullary gland.  Get as close to your ejaculatory orgasm as you can without crossing the reflex response threshold.  Now practice close-relax-harden-contract, and again close-relax-harden-contract repeatedly, in rapid succession.  Ultimately, you will enter a state of nearly continuous orgasm emission phases.  Your swollen testes and throbbing spermatic cords will orgasm.  Orgasm emission pleasures from your ampullary gland are amplified by the accumulating fluid and especially fluid pressure in your ejaculatory ducts.  The rapid succession of emissions orgasms becomes a continuous orgasm without ejaculation.


  1. Learn to harden your seminal vesicles at will.
  2. Learn to harden your seminal vesicles in rapid succession.
  3. Practice staying very close to an ejaculatory orgasm, almost continuously
    feeling a hardening of your seminal vesicles.
  4. Hold your orgasm at the continuous emissions phase endlessly.
  5. Learn to maintain your emissions orgasm mentally; by concentrating on producing emissions, enough semen pressure can be generated to perpetuate those emissions...without penile stimulation!

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